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Elie Kamano (Guinea)

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03/08/2011 -

Elie Kamano, whose real name is Djéliman Kamano, is a star in his homeland, Guinea, where the half-dozen albums he has released have always been well received. He takes part in public life in his country and has been at the root of initiatives to promote Guinean music. Not for the first time, he was among the finalists of the RFI Découvertes Awards in 2011.

Elie Kamano-Adieu mon pays

The author, composer and singer Elie Kamano was born in Guékédou in 1984. He left school at fifteen and quickly started to play rap, although he admits that at even the time he sang more than he rapped. He then took a different musical turn and started to play reggae, which was more in line with his artistic personality.

Despite several hiccoughs in his early career, he didn’t lose hope, and in 2005 he released the album Trafiquants which established him on the Guinean music scene. The compilation included the participation of big brother Tiken Jah Fakoly and the group Espoirs de Coronthie with more of a traditional music slant.

Ever mindful of the difficulties experienced by his country and the whole continent, in 2009 Elie Kamano asked the question "Où va l'Afrique" (where is Africa going?). The “General” as some call him, also regularly denounces the shortcomings of the government. His militant songs have put him in the Guinean political arena, but his commitment also extends to music, and he actively promotes Guinean artists. He is currently working on a project for building a recording studio.

Elie Kamano-Avec des si

His unflagging popularity in Guinea is sustained by his regular music releases, like Parole de fou or the recent tracks, Adieu mon pays and Avec des si under the name of Djelymankan.

Elie Kamano continues his fight. He is one of those artists who use their art to serve a cause that they care about.

Elie Kamano's website

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