Françoise Hardy

Born : 17/01/1944 in Paris (France)
Country : France
Language : French
Category : Composer / Female Artist / Songwriter
Style of music : Chanson

One of the most popular French TV extracts of all time is the black and white image of a young and extremely nervous-looking Françoise Hardy being given a firm dressing-down by Mireille (the famous music teacher who ran the Petit Conservatoire de la Chanson in the 1960's). This image of Hardy sitting uncomfortably in front of the microphone, timidly whispering "Oui, madame", gets to the root of the singer's eternal appeal. For this striking contrast with the world of showbiz was exactly what the French public loved most about Hardy. With her shy temperament, her soft voice and her quiet natural beauty, Françoise Hardy was the ultimate girl-next-door made good. And yet, behind this quiet exterior, Françoise Hardy was somehow at ease with the French world of showbiz - after all, not only did she go on to marry the legendary French actor/singer Jacques Dutronc, she also became a star in her own right, her records rocketing to the top of the French charts at home and abroad.

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Noir sur Blanc



Amour toujours,tendresse,caresses... (avec Jacques Dutronc)